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Fintech4i’s mission is to fully satisfy the digitization needs of institutional clients (banks, fund management services, SCFs, investment funds, foundations, family offices) and corporate clients. The founders’ twenty-year experience in algorithmic and automated trading comes with an excellent team of analysts, salespeople and senior programmers.

Our team of technical experts, consisting of 3 quantitative analysts, 3 senior programmers, 1 free lance programmer and 2 researchers, allows us to work with even the most demanding institutions for the design of tailor-made fintech solutions of the highest standard.

Marco Matteucci

Marco Matteucci


Having graduated in 1997 immediately began working on applications for financial analysis. For over twenty years has been developing platforms for the Fintech sector. Expert, in particular, in automated trading and automation platforms.

Enrico Malverti

Enrico Malverti


Worldwide famous quantitative analyst: has been designing automated trading systems for institutional clients for over 17 years. To this date has written 14 finance books, including such bestsellers as “Fintec: Digital Finance” and “Winning Trading Systems” published by Hoeply. Took part in various conferences in Asia, the United States and Europe as a speaker.

Earlier worked for 4 years as the head of the advisory team in JSC Sim (Italy). In 2013 was registered as a Portfolio Manager in FCA.

Since 2016 has been a professional member of SIAT (Italian Society of Technical Analysts). Creator of the Fintech4I project.

Massimiliano De Marco

Massimiliano De Marco

Quantitative Analyst

Graduated in Economics, Statistics and Social Sciences at Bocconi University in 2005. Later started working in the banking sector, acquiring skills in the areas of treasury, financial markets and macroeconomic analysis. Further developed his expertise in Advisory for asset management and retail consultancy. Since 2015 has been working on some personal activities and on his own financial investment projects.

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